About us

Braintum was founded in 2019 with a desire to create the best and easy to use WordPress & WooCommerce plugins. We are veteran WordPress developers who realized that most WordPress plugins are bloated and built on ancient technology and not focus on speed, security, and stability. We decided to change that.

We started our journey to the web about 10 years ago, developing WordPress theme. Selling themes through the Themeforest and personal website, we had gathered many of valuable experience regarding WordPress & WooCommerce plugins. We came to an idea to contribute those experience building some wonderful WordPress & WooCommerce plugins for the industry.

When it comes plugin development, assuring theme compatibility is mandatory. Otherwise, no one uses it. We find there many of plugins in the WordPress plugin directory with an awesome feature, but authors don’t care about theme compatibility and stop maintaining plugin update after about years.

So, we have a mission to create some wonderful plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce and try to assure the compatibility of themes around the market. We have started our journey with simple Ultimate FAQ Solution plugin and have a plan to release more in this year.